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Re: OT: Re: Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color?

Nate Bargmann wrote:

* Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson@cox.net> [2006 Apr 16 04:13 -0500]:
On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 09:13 +0100, Chris Lale wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

And "c" will still be needed for "ch" (as in "church", not the k
in school/skool).

Don't forget that the non-US pronunciation of "schedule" is soft (sh-edule),
Well, then pronounce it properly! :)

Then why do I hear Aussies (and some others) pronounce 'idea' as
'ide'er', or 'Daytona' as 'Daytoner'?

If 'schedule' wasn't meant to be pronounced 'skedule', then there would
be no 'c' in it.  Don't want to waste a consonant, dontcha know!  :)
'sch' has its root in German where it is pronounced 'sh', the 'c' being silent. When we anglicised the Germanic word 'schule' it became 'school' with a 'k', perhaps because people applied English phonetics to a German word. Not so with 'schedule'. It just goes to show that in a living language there is no one correct set of rules, only different traditions. Its just that your tradition isn't as wonderful as mine! :)

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