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Re: gnome-cups-manager and Canon BJC-250


Thank you for your answer.

I followed your suggestion. The web interface was easy to use.
I deleted previous printer configuration.
Added it once again.
This time the device was properly pointed to /dev/lp0.

I printed a test page.
The job appeared in job list as cancelled.
When I restared the job, in the Jobs page, I got this message:



I use the stable version of Sarge.

It can't be that hard. There must be something simple that's missing.

Happy Eastern.

On Sun, 2006-04-16 at 09:34 +0100, Chris Lale wrote:
> Fernando Augusto Bender wrote:
> >Fellows,
> >
> >I have recently installed Debian on my PC.
> >I have migrated from Mandriva 2006, so much of the configuration
> >concerning peripherals were ignored by me. Now I regret.
> >
> >I chose the net-installation, method, with only Desktop option in
> >packages selection.
> >
> >The printer - Canon BJC-250 - is detected by the hardware.
> >I have downlaoded and installed through Synaptic the gimp-print,
> >foomatic and other drivers.
> >
> >The configuration through gnome-cups-manager is finished, but i cannot
> >print anything on that printer!
> >Any document sent to print does not create any entry on Printer's Job
> >list.
> >
> >When in connection Tab, it points to Network Pritner, but the printer is
> >local.
> >If I chage it to Detected Printer, and close the manager, it does not
> >update the entry.
> >
> >I only get an output if I do something like:
> >echo TEXT > /dev/lp0
> >
> >What testifies that the printer is running.
> >
> >It looks like I have no permission for that.
> >
> >By the way, when I choose: Become Administrator in gnome-cups-manager in
> >the terminal (the application was started from the terminal window) I
> >get erros like 'authentication failure' althought the root password is
> >properly entered and the manager moves on with no error on graphical
> >desktop.
> >
> >I am in a loss of what to do now.
> >
> >Thanks in advance and best regards.
> >
> Try using the CUPS web interface - I have never had any problems with 
> it: http://localhost:631. In the past, gnome-cups-manager has not been 
> totally reliable. Instructions at 
> http://newbiedoc.berlios.de/wiki/Setting_up_a_parallel_printer_using_CUPS 
> have been tested on Sarge (stable) but should be OK if you are using 
> etch (testing) or sid (unstable).
> Chris.
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