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Re: Running 2 versions of Debian?

On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 05:18:50PM -0500, Larry Garfield wrote:
> Sure.  You can dual-boot Debian Sarge and Debian Etch just as easy as you
> can dual boot Debian Sarge with Win XP (or Fedora, or BSD, or whatever
> else you'd like).  I've run tri-boot systems before.  As long as you set
> them up fully independent of each other, and always configure GRUB from
> just one of them, you shouldn't have any issues.
> The only major disadvantages are that you'd have to reboot to switch
> between systems, and you could be wasting disk space by chopping your disk
> up suboptimally.

can you chroot your way into a different distro? I suppose you'd be
running the same kernel, but I suspect that might not be much of a
problem. maybe a backport of a more recent kernel for sarge and then
chroot into etch or sid? 


> If you wanted to share stuff between them, that could get messy.  Even
> sharing your home partition could cause issues with the saved data for
> different versions of some programs, depending on what it is you run.
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> Larry Garfield
> On Thu, April 13, 2006 4:54 pm, Redefined Horizons said:
> > I ran into some trouble when I was trying to install the Debian packages
> > for
> > Mono. Turns out the stable packages for Sarge at backports.org required a
> > newer version of libc6 and libglib, which meant removing about 3/4 of the
> > other packages on my system.
> >
> > I need a stable Debian OS for certain applications, but I would also like
> > to
> > work with some more recent versions of software for some development
> > projects. Is it possible to run the stable and testing versions of Debian
> > on
> > the same hard drive, but in different partitions? What would be the
> > disadvantages of that system? Where can I find some more information about
> > how to set that type of system up? (I'm currently dual-booting Debian with
> > MS Windows XP.)
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Scott Huey
> >
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