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Re: Running 2 versions of Debian?

Sure.  You can dual-boot Debian Sarge and Debian Etch just as easy as you
can dual boot Debian Sarge with Win XP (or Fedora, or BSD, or whatever
else you'd like).  I've run tri-boot systems before.  As long as you set
them up fully independent of each other, and always configure GRUB from
just one of them, you shouldn't have any issues.

The only major disadvantages are that you'd have to reboot to switch
between systems, and you could be wasting disk space by chopping your disk
up suboptimally.

If you wanted to share stuff between them, that could get messy.  Even
sharing your home partition could cause issues with the saved data for
different versions of some programs, depending on what it is you run.

Larry Garfield

On Thu, April 13, 2006 4:54 pm, Redefined Horizons said:
> I ran into some trouble when I was trying to install the Debian packages
> for
> Mono. Turns out the stable packages for Sarge at backports.org required a
> newer version of libc6 and libglib, which meant removing about 3/4 of the
> other packages on my system.
> I need a stable Debian OS for certain applications, but I would also like
> to
> work with some more recent versions of software for some development
> projects. Is it possible to run the stable and testing versions of Debian
> on
> the same hard drive, but in different partitions? What would be the
> disadvantages of that system? Where can I find some more information about
> how to set that type of system up? (I'm currently dual-booting Debian with
> MS Windows XP.)
> Thanks,
> Scott Huey

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