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Re: What's the next step?

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 09:22:34AM -0700, Rocky Ou wrote:
> Hey,
> I use netinst CD installed Debian Sarge 3.1 successfully. I only installed
> base system no any other stuff. I can use SSH to connect to remote server.
> If you could give me some hints regarding to the following items, I would
> really appreciate it?
>    1. Which package should I download so that I can  browse webpages as
>    how I'm doing under Windows?  

Hi Rocky,
while is is great to use a window manager/gui desktop, you should really
learn to use the full power of Gnu/Linux under the traditional console.
You may not always have a X windows on a system due to confiurations
problems, ocassional sys admin mistakes, upgrade problems and other
issues. Thus, start by learning to browse the web with tools such as:
w3m, lynx, links, links2 and wget. If you can get a framebuffer setup
then use can use cool tools like links2, fbxine, & fbi to display
graphics and video with out X windows installed. This is time well

> This is very important as lots of webpages
>    will give me how-to instructions. Do I use apt-get  xxxxx? Or something
>    else?

	Debian has all of its documentation in /usr/share/doc/ and in
	its man pages. These are great to get familar with. You can also
	install 'apt-get install apt-howto' to get more info on apt-get.

>    2. What about Desktop management? I think I can either use KDE or X
>    servers right? Most likely I'm wrong. What I want is that I can open a
>    terminal to enter commands not the old MS style, So that I can use Crt+tab
>    to move betwen termialls?

I regularly start at the console and use 'alt-right arrow' and 'alt-left
arrow' to switch between the basic 6 console windows, no need to go to
the desktop. But you can install a desktop with:
apt-get install x-window-system gnome gdm 
apt-get install x-window-system kde kdm
and there are other choises.

>    3. Can I use apt utility to download CMS such as TYPO3? After
>    downloading does all of the users can have access to it, I mean except root?
>    If this is possible how can normal users do it?

To find stuff use: apt-cache search KEYWORK
'apt-cache search typo' should help

> As you see, I'm totally a newbie.  The relevant link is highly appreciated
> as well!
> Thanks a lot in advance!

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