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Re: Using Ubuntu when I'm used to Debian.

On Sunday 09 April 2006 16:44, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I put some code out there. I make things work better for my
>  packages -- and you, my friend, are reaping the benefits of that
>  labour.  Calling me names just helps me place you in my own
>  estimation.
>         manoj

I cut the rest of the post because this typifies the heart of all you 
attempt to say.  You are right, there's your way and the wrong way, and 
that's all there is to it -- at least as you put it.  I really don't 
care what your estimation of me is, and can't see why I should, or why 
what you think of me should make any difference in my life.  Yet you 
seem to feel you have some kind of status that makes your opinion of 
others matter to them.

The only name I used at all was mercenary.  It is not a good term, nor 
is it a bad term.  Yet you want to say I'm calling you names, even 
though you use sarcasm to denigrate any points I make that you may 
disagree with and spend a lot of time touting your status as a Debian 
maintainer.  Where others have different points of view, you insult 
rather than discuss and use your status as a maintainer as a shield to 
hide behind against the potential of you possibly being wrong.

If you ever want to discuss this or other issues on facts, with people 
that have a point of view BUT ALSO recognize others might have a point, 
I'd be interested in it, but it is clear, as we used to say when I 
worked in residential treatment, that you are too busy shouting from 
the mountain top about how right you are to dare to be quiet long 
enough to hear another point of view, for fear it might have some truth 
to it.


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