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Re: I recieve spam "Debian security."

On Monday 03 April 2006 19:44, Matthew R. Dempsky wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 08:27:56AM +1000, Pascal Hakim wrote:
>> That's what we call the petsupermaket spammer.
>Maybe we need a FAQ entry or something for this.

By now its the top item in the FAQ at most of these linux related lists, 
this is not a single event by any means.

And procmail is the recommended medication, just sort to /dev/null.

The worst of that is the effect on people subscribed over a POTS, and 
paying by the minute.  It seems to me that enough pressure from the rbl 
lists on this planet would fix it, but its apparently had zero effect.

If someone could come up with procmail recipe that automaticly sent it 
to half a dozen rbl listers everytime it was triggered, I expect the 
response from uol.com.br would be pretty immediate.  Those of us on dsl 
connections could save the POTS folks millions in line charges for 
downloading their crap.

So all you procmail chefs out there, here's your challenge.  What?  I 
can't hear you, yet...
Cheers, Gene
People having trouble with vz bouncing email to me should add the word
'online' between the 'verizon', and the dot which bypasses vz's
stupid bounce rules.  I do use spamassassin too. :-)
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