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Re: utf-8 and gnuplot

Hi Kevin,

On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 02:10:21PM -0400, Kevin Mark wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 09:12:04AM -0300, Jakson A. Aquino wrote:
> <snip>
> > the ~/.bashrc:
> > 
> > export LANGUAGE=pt_BR.UTF-8
> > export LANG=pt_BR.UTF-8
> > 
> Hi Jakson,
> from 'man 7 locale', it says that this is the order that is used:
> LC_ALL, LC_*,LANG (no mention of LANGUAGE). Is pt_BR.UTF8 not set with
> 'dpkg-reconfigure locale'? What are the values of LANGUAGE and LANG before
> they are set by .bashrc?

I used dpkg-reconfigure locale:

en_US.UTF-8 UTF-8
pt_BR.UTF-8 UTF-8

But when I began to use UTF-8 I mixed UTF-8 with ISO-8859-1.
That's why I suggested to Matthias to add the "export" lines
to .bashrc. Perhaps these lines are no longer necessary to
my .bashrc. For the "root", the configuration is:


Almost everything is OK in my system. The only problem is
with the x11 term of gnuplot (the graphics drawn in a
window).  Gnuplot handles utf-8 strings correctly if the
term is either a png picture or a latex file. My guess is
that the solution is to change the gnuplot source code, but
I don't know enough about xlib programming to do that.


Jakson A. Aquino

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