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Re: How can I get Sarge installed on unsupported hardware?

On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 03:50:43PM +0100, Andy wrote:
> The website says ...
>   "Please take kernel-headers package from unstable repository when
>    you need it"
> and...
>   "Backported newer udev, hotplug, initramfs-tools, and selinux.
>    Take care when you upgrade this environment to testing or
>    unstable."

Backported means AFAIK that the packages are compiled in the "Stable"
environment, i.e. Sarge. 

> But I don't fully understand what those statements mean.
> I plan to stick with stable on this box, only upgrading to etch when it 
> actually is released as the new stable.
> Will I be able to use aptitude as normal on this box, or will I need to 
> manage certain packages manually?

Should not make any difference. Make sure your /etc/apt/sources.lst file
only contains references to the Sarge repositories, i.e. no testing etch
unstable or sid references.


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