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Re: a question on motherboard replacement - audio problem

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 08:40:32 -0500
nunoauboulot@netscape.net wrote:

> The only option that I found to change it to alsasink is the 
> "audiosink", which was set with "osssink".
> And I found it under "default", under "0.8", under "gstreamer", under 
> "system", in "GConf".
> And "GConf" was found from Gnome menu - System tools.
> I noticed that, besides "audiosink", it also has "audiosrc".
> I changed "audiosrc" from "osssrc" to "alsasrc" too.

you foudn the right spot. You were using the o9lder OSS system for gnome sounds and probably don't have mixing set up for OSS. google on asound.rc and dmixer for info on that if you want. THe lack of mixing for oss will prevent other apps from getting sound while gnome is running.

> I rebooted the computer and it did not seem to work as the sound events 
> of Gnome were played with distortion again.

I think your distortion may be some other problem. sorry no ideas there, unless you've got one channel turned all the way up maybe.

can you get soudn with a player like aplay? with gnome running and a terminal open, can you run aplay <somesoudnfile>.[wav|mp3|etc], what happens?

> [...]
> > >> Based on the above, and due to the sound issue, should I reinstall
> > >> Debian Sarge again or is there another thing that I should install 
> or
> > >> reinstall, or run again, in order to fix this sound issue?
> > >>
> > >I doubt a complete reinstall is necessary. If the above doesn't help 
> try
> > >posting more info e.g. which kernel and distribution etc.
> Kernel is 2.6.8-2-k7, distribution is Debian Sarge (stable).
> >reinstalling the system is windows mentality. You shouldn't ever have 
> to
> >reinstall unless you've totally b0rked your disk somehow. (something 
> like rm -rf
> >/ would be a likely candidate for reinstall...). If you're getting 
> sound out of
> >the machine at all, then its just a matter of getting it configured 
> properly.
> >are you running any of the sound daemons like esd ?
> To be honest, I really don't know what sound daemon it runs after 
> rebooting. How could I check it?
> This is a bit confusing to me. I've read that Gnome uses esd, that oss 
> is for old sound cards and alsa is the new sund system.

I agree, its confusing and there have been many discusions about this on the list. to see if you are using esd, just type ps -e | grep esd.

IMHO, I think you should avoid running esd as I think it causes more problems than it fixes. how to turn it off, I'm not sure, but I used to just kill it and then set everything for alsa.

> Thanks again
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