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Re: dist-upgrade problem


During the boot process the BIOS begins by scanning the available disks/drives, etc. Since the machine is setup to boot from a floppy first and then a drive, I receive the following (there's no boot floppy in the drive):

Searching for Boot Record from Floppy...Not Found
Searching for Boot Record from IDE-0..OK


That's all. Before the dist-upgrade, the "LI" string above used to print out "LINUX Kernel loading..." and then would begin booting the kernel. Now it doesn't do that. That's why I'm thinking something must be corrupt with the MBR because it is finding the disk.

There are 2 disks setup as master/slave. The master is IDE-0 and the slave is IDE-1, so it's trying to boot from the correct disk.

Any suggestions are appreciated.... :-)

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