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Re: procmail vs. exim (was: Re: Proposed change for subscriptions...)

s. keeling said:
> I'd also like to mention that some people can write unreadable code in
> any language, while others take care to make sure their code doesn't
> get that way.  Procmail is no exception.

    This is not true.  Some languages are designed in such a manner that
readability isn't high on the list.  Do a Google on mindfuck and tell me
that it is readable.

    The above is the common defense against people who are upset with Perl's
implicit syntax.  AFAIK, however, there is no expanded syntax for
procmail.  You get single-character special meaning all over the place. 
There's a far cry from that and exim's (for example) $h_from.

Steve Lamb

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