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Re: I missed the kernel-image to linux-image thing!

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 16:38, Paul Smith wrote:
> %% "Patrick Wiseman" <pwiseman@gmail.com> writes:
>   pw> I'm sure there was some good reason for the change
> Indeed: "kernel" is too generic a term.
> People are trying to create Debian distributions on a FreeBSD kernel,
> and Hurd microkernels, and Solaris kernels, etc., not just on the
> Linux kernel.  So the Linux kernel is named "linux", and the other
> kernels will have appropriate names.
> But, it's all Debian!

So that's what they mean when they talk about the World Domination 

It'll never work, though.  Once they upgraded to aptitude form apt-get 
and lost super cow powers, all hope was lost.


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