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Re: rsync and chown

Edward Speyer wrote:

I'm stuck trying to find a nice way to allow rsync / rdiff-backup enough
permissions to keep ownership information intact at the backup-receiving

I /could/ run as root on the backup-reciever, but it'd be nice if there
was a less sledge-hammer approach to the chown problem :)

What's the generally accepted method for network backups using
rsync-like tools?

I found this link useful:


It uses rdiff-backup. It works along the lines of
- fetch the backup as ordinary user "backup"
- allow ssh-access as user root, but limit the access to exactly one well defined command, ie. rdiff-backup with the appropriate options.

In my case the backup runs via a cron job as root, in order to keep the owners. This is the least 'dangerous' sledge-hammer approach I know. If you are more paranoid than I, you could run your backup from a chroot.


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