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Re: rsync and chown

On 2/8/06, Ken Irving <fnkci@uaf.edu> wrote:
> I'm using rsnapshot, which uses rsync over ssh, and "pull" backups to
> the backup server running as root, but I connect to the backup machines
> as an ordinary user.  I use keychain to help automate ssh-agent for
> authentication, so I need to connect to the backup host after it boots in
> order to authenticate the keys.  By connecting as a regular user I don't
> get backups of files that aren't world-readable (other than that user's of
> course), but ownership and permissions are preserved on the backup host.
> Ken

I do the opposite. I let the remote servers log in, using a modified
rsnapshot, as regular users, and built a .so (LD_PRELOAD'd) that
remaps the various chown, chmod, rename, chdir, etc functions so you
can write them out to a file. This way you can back up every file from
multiple servers without giving out root access to everyone. It ain't
perfect -- specifically, rsync chown's and chmod's temporary files
before renaming them into place, so you have to figure out the real
filename for the chown/chmod commands. That's just a perl script away,
but I haven't done that yet.

It's a total hack, but rsnapshot is a pretty slick way to do snapshots.

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