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Re: UNRESOLVED: Re: Mutt: how to mark multiple spams?

On (06/02/06 01:05), Karsten M. Self wrote:
> I'd tag the messages and move them to a folder.
> That folder would automatically get a spam run against it periodically
> which would:
>   1.  Move the messages to an "active current process" location.
>   2.  Score and report spam.
>   3.  Move the messages to an archive or /dev/null (e.g.:  delete) when
>       done
> Have that happen periodically (every few minutes to every few hours) and
> you've got a pretty painless system.  It's also going to give you less
> latency in your mutt session as most of the processing is asyncronous to
> your mail reading.

I'm doing this manually currently but would love to automate it :)

Do you have a suitable script to share?



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