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Spam reporting tools (was: Re: UNRESOLVED: Re: Mutt: how to mark multiple spams?)

on Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 11:47:47AM +0000, Clive Menzies (clive@clivemenzies.co.uk) wrote:
> On (06/02/06 01:05), Karsten M. Self wrote:
> > 
> > I'd tag the messages and move them to a folder.
> > 
> > That folder would automatically get a spam run against it periodically
> > which would:
> > 
> >   1.  Move the messages to an "active current process" location.
> >   2.  Score and report spam.
> >   3.  Move the messages to an archive or /dev/null (e.g.:  delete) when
> >       done
> > 
> > Have that happen periodically (every few minutes to every few hours) and
> > you've got a pretty painless system.  It's also going to give you less
> > latency in your mutt session as most of the processing is asyncronous to
> > your mail reading.
> I'm doing this manually currently but would love to automate it :)
> Do you have a suitable script to share?


Note that you should be familiar with shell scripting and reading SMTP
headers, *and* should be very aware that you *WILL* shoot yourself in
the foot if you run this without reading the docs.  Exempt your mailing
lists before you piss off a lot of folks.

Otherwise:  it generates spam reports at the rate of 8-20 seconds per,
and is designed to run over Maildir folder formats.  Part of output can
be found by searching my name in Google Groups

If you do run this, I'd be very interested in seeing your spam-source
stats.  See my homepage for details.


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