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Inverse and Forward Search : This is not what I expected in TeTeX


I was using MikTeX and YAP previewer for my tex files
in Windows. My editor of choice was WinEdt. Recently,
I switced to Debian/sarge. I was expecting the  same
functionality of inverse and forward search in TeTeX
as in MikTeX. However what I observed in TeTeX is
different in MikTeX.

When I make a forward search in WinEdt, YAP displays
the position roughly corresponding to your current
position in YAP. It  points the corresponding line and
puts a circle on the line in the YAP(one line below or
above of it at the worst). Inverse searching in  YAP
works almost the same: When you initiate  the inverse
search from the YAP previewer, the editor displays the
corresponding source line in a small margin of error.

In my Debian/Sarge system, I use TeTeX(ver:3.0.13) and
Xdvi(ver:22.84.9). When I initiate a forward search
from gvim, Xdvi draws a rectangle around the paragraph
in which the correspoding line in a source file
belongs to. So it is a big margin of error. Inverse
search works with the same big margin of error. It
doesn't matter where you click in a paragraph in Xdvi,
it always points the begining of a paragraph in the
corresponding source file.

I don't know what is the wrong with these inverse and
forward search. I don't think gvim or Xdvi is a
culprit. I tried with different editors(emacs,nedit)
and different dvi viewers(kdvi). Maybe TeTeX doesn't
handle  '--src-specials' well with comparision to

I would like to thank all the developers of  the

Ahmet Nurlu

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