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Re: Sharing Linux printer with Mac

Jacob S wrote:
That's probably it! That ports.conf file appears to be the only place
you tell it what ips/ports to listen on. Change the "Listen
localhost:631" line in ports.conf to "Listen 631" - this will tell it
to listen on port 631 on any ip addresses associated with that
You can also delete the Include line for browse.conf - it's a duplicate
of a setting you specified elsewhere in cupsd.conf.
Then run "/etc/init.d/cupsys restart" and see if your Mac is able to
print any better. If not, enable debugging for the logs and see if the
logs make any mention of printing attempts from the Mac.

That's it Jacob; the most obvious thing in hindsight as usual. The include as part of the configuration and probably what Andrew actually meant - I'm so dense. I deserve a glass of Laphroaig (a cherished nectar of old Scots - screw the doctor), but you all deserve even more - if you're ever around New England let me know and I'll share with you.

The only additional step, to see the printer in app print dialog on the Mac, is on the Mac to open System Preferences -> Print & Fax just so it will "find" the printer - don't actually define anything.

Now the printer shows up twice in the CUPS interface - once as debian1 and once as the url 192... I think I've already figured out why that is happening and if I haven't I just won't look at the CUPS interface anymore on the Mac :-)))

I'm going to fill out my notes on this zeroconf LAN setup and printer sharing and post them for review. If they are acceptable I'll put them up as a more up to date web page how-to for others.

Before I forget: Paul, in reading through the CUPS tomes and conf man pages it seemed to me that you could prevent the re-broadcasting and doubling up of available printers in a CUPS "network," but I didn't study it throughly because I don't have the hardware to test any conclusions.
My heartfelt appreciation,
Lee C

So ends another harrowing adventure in Debian land :-)))

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