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Re: Can`t build modules for VMWARE Workstation

Roman Makurin wrote:

> Now I`m using kernel 2.6.15 with ck patchset. I create kernel packages with 
> following command:
>   The kernel defined by this directory of header files does not have the same
>   address space size as your running kernel.
> What I need to do to compile vmware modules ?

Three points:

1. Please make sure, that the kernel headers you try to compile the
   modules against are _exactly_ those of the kernel you are
   currently running.

2. The -ck patchset contains a patch which allows you to use 1 GB
   RAM on x86 without enabling HIGHMEM.  VMware won't work, if you
   activate that option.

3. I don't know whether your VMware version already supports 2.6.15.  
   You might try the vmware-any-any modules from ftp://ftp.cvut.cz.  
   They do work with 2.6.15.


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