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Re: cups - samba - frustration! - LIKE SOLVED

Angela Gavazzi wrote:
Hi Clive,

the last 2 hours I set up a new (about the 10th) pure! sarge (doing all testing in vmware), installed all the necessary stuff, joined to domain, installed a printer test under cups and tested it. then I went on a w2k client, connect to the printers share, uploaded the windows driver to the samba machine. (This was not possible with an xp-pro client, don't know why) tThen from another machine I could connect to the printer and print. so I think I will have to use this way instead of cupsaddsmb, which is a great tool and very confortable! I used it the last 2 years on my old samba: you don't need to install every printer locally on windows before and need only! a ppd, from linuxprinting or from vendor.

As we will use pykota for accounting, because I cannot way longer for a running version of the cups driver, I don't need the cupsdriver for accounting anymore, also if it has the advantage that the users can define billing per print job.

Well I'm glad you got it working; I knew there must be a much cleverer way of setting up multiple clients but never had the time or real necessity to try. It would make good material for a HOWTO :)



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