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Re: kernel 2.4.* vs 2.6.* and ATAPI dvd question

On Thursday,  5 January 2006 at 16:32:17 -0400, Greg wrote:
> >
> <deletia...>
> My experience, FWIW, Simply put:
> In kernel 2.4, ide-scsi module, we got used to the scsi-emulation concept.
> Whereas,
> In kernel 2.6, we were (somewhat confusingly, IMO) told the above, i.e.: 
> "SCSI emulation is not required in v2.6.".
> IMHO this _should_ have said something along the lines of:
> "SCSI emulation is now built-in, in v2.6 'ide-cd' [compiled-in or as a 
> module], so 'ide-scsi' is NO LONGER REQUIRED to achieve the _still_ 
> _necessary_ SCSI emulation."

That _is_ much clearer.  
> SOooooo,
> In xcdroast running as root, [you CAN figure out how.] use the "0,0,0" 
> device, and _NOT_ the "ATAPI:0.0.0" device. Substitute your own 
> "bus,id,lun" numbers to suit your box. I can burn dvd-r and cdr/rw fine.

Well, xcdroast lists the devices as ATAPI:0:1:0 etc. but somewhere in there I
saw that it lists the scsi spec. (0,1,0 etc.) against each one, so
perhaps it knows.  It won't let me change it anyway.  I did confirm that
ide-cd is loaded.  So I suppose all is well, really.  Except that
xcdroast has just become another process to freeze and refuse to die.
That makes it the ninth today that I know of.

Thanks for the clarification.


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