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Re: Sound Device Not Shared

On Thu, 05 Jan 2006 21:29:03 -0600
Adam Porter <adam@alphapapa.net> wrote:

> ankur.kumar@axa.com.au wrote:
> > if I stop the application which is using the sound device and then other
> > application can use the sound device...
> > its more like exclusive access to the sound device by ALSA....
> > 
> > even if there is a warning sound from Anti-virus program, sound device get
> > locked and I can not play music anymore until
> > I close Anti-virus program.
> Like Colin and I said, configure the app to use ALSA, or use aoss to wrap
> it.

my experience is that some apps react badly to aoss. so if you don't have an alsa app and it doesn't like aoss, then set up the .asoundrc to allow mixing for oss. between the three, you should get it to work.

> BTW, your Notes e-mail is not sending any 'References:' headers, which means
> that your replies do not always show up in the thread.  It was just luck
> that I saw your reply, because it wasn't showing up in the same thread. 
> You might want to use a better e-mail client for lists.
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