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Re: Sound Device Not Shared

if I stop the application which is using the sound device and then other application can use the sound device...
its more like exclusive access to the sound device by ALSA....

even if there is a warning sound from Anti-virus program, sound device get locked and I can not play music anymore until
I close Anti-virus program.

Adam Porter <adam@alphapapa.net>
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05/01/2006 04:43 PM

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ankur.kumar@axa.com.au wrote:

> I'm using ALSA and the only issue is if an application is using Sound
> device (/dev/dsp) and another
> application is trying to use it, it says "/dev/dsp" is already in use.
> What can I do it share the sound device??

If I understand ALSA correctly, you should not be using /dev/anything.  ALSA
specifies devices differently, e.g. "hw:0,0" for card 0, device 0.  If your
app is wanting to use /dev/dsp, it may not be set up to use ALSA.  Either
configure it to use ALSA instead of OSS, or run the program with an ALSA
wrapper, like aoss (man aoss for help).

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