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5th day using Linux and cannot get Dynamic IP clients to work on PPP

Hi All. 

I have Debian Linux 2.6 Kernel (no GUI) with a Kyocera KPC650 modem PCMCIA
card under Verizon. I for the life of me cannot get any Dynamic DNS service
to work on my box! They work just fine if I point them to post my Eth0 IP
but do not work on my ppp0 connection. I have tried ez-ipupdate, ddclient
and some other one for client software with dyndns.com and hn.org services.
Both clients work on my Eth0 connection just fine, none work with ppp0. 

I *THINK* that it may have something to do with my having removed LCP
options in /etc/ppp/options - this was required to get the modem card to
work without dropping every 2min 30sec. 

Another possible reason is that maybe the clients are unable to read the IP
address of my ppp0 connection. When I type in ROUTE, I can see plainly the
IP addresses of my Ethernet connections by my ppp0 interface shows "default"
under destination. I do not know what the clients use to get the IP of the
ppp0 connection, but this does not look right. 

Far as my ppp connection, I can ping out through it, I can ping in and I
have routing set up so that I can reach a web server behind my dial-up box
and that works fine. 

When running ez-ipupdate manually, the program runs, then halts for a long
time while looking at the PPP connection (like 5-10 minutes) and eventually
says something like: 

could not reach members.dyndns.org:80 

I am stomped!

Tyson Varosyan
Technical Manager, Uptime Technical Solutions LLC.
206-715-TECH (8324)


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