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Re: Initrd or not ? (was: SOLVED: New kernel unable to mount/see a whole HD)

J.F. Gratton wrote:
> - I know my hardware, it's unlikely to change in a near-future; a new
> kernel is more likely to come out thant my hardware to change; why using
> an initrd then if I know exactly what needs to be put in modules and
> must not ?

This assumes a best case scenario that you will never need to get some
new peice of hardware working at a time when taking the time out to set
up a new kernel will be painful. No matter what percentage of time this
best case scenario is true, it will never be true 100% of the time, and
as time goes on the chances that it will fail to be true at some point
approaches one. Some of the failure scenarios are very painful. After it
has failed to be true a couple of times, people tend to switch over to
modular kernels.

see shy jo

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