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branko wrote:
Hi.Please help.I want to use Linux but in GUI.I have a DVD of Debian Sarge.I have tried to install it and evrything went fine except at the end all I got was a prompt.I have tried evry command I could think of to get GUI but could not.What do I have to do to get graphical interface and what printer does Debian support.I would be gratefull.By the way I am new to Linux.I run SUSE 9.3 right now but would like to support non comercial version.Thank you.
Best Regards


I would use tasksel. (man tasksel)
That's a Debian installation tool. It shows a menu (on my Sarge) with:

[ ] Desktop environment [ ] Web server [*] Print server [ ] DNS server [ ] File server [*] Mail server [ ] SQL database [ ] manual package selection

Just select the top one and unselect everything that is already selected.
It will install all the necessary packages for a GUI Desktop.


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