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exim, courier, and authdaemon

This is on Sarge.

I've got Courier setup for authuserdb.  I can authenticate using
mutt and SquirrelMail.

Then I tried to setup exim to use smtp authentication against the
courier authdaemon.  I'm base64'ing the AUTH data and running exim4
in testing -bh testing mode.  Exim shows the correct username and
password in the debug output, but auth fails.

I then tried using the utility courierauthtest and that also fails.

So, it's a bit odd -- authentication works when using courier
(via mutt or squirrelmail) but fails when using exim or

I've got the socket chown Debian-exim:Debian-exim, so that's not the
problem.  The courierauthtest is a bit lacking, but I can run with
strace and see it passing \nlogin\n<user>\n<pass> to the authdaemon
then then nothing is returned and then auth fails.

Any ideas?

Bill Moseley

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