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Re: Memory usage (avoid swapping, top accuracy...)

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> Yes, precisely because this is a laptop (i.e. it is sometimes offline).
> Also, I currently have only the laptop here; so, I have the choice
> between having the news locally or read/post after ssh'ing a remote
> machine. I prefer the former solution.

    Again, do you NEED Apache and innd?  Answer, no.  wwwoffle and noffle are
far better solutions for on/offline usage.

> I don't think so. Well, after the reboot, my machine is quite
> responsive. Disabling spamd probably helped (and the reboot too).

    This is a FAQ.  Lemme ask this one question.  Are you concerned about swap
size or are you concerned about active swapping?  Two different things.  If
your concerned about the former and there is very little of the latter here's
your answer.  Don't pay attention to how much swap is used.  Swap used without
a large amount of active swapping is a *good* thing and you're fretting over
nothing.  Honest.  Check the archives for the why and how's of it.

    If it is the latter then please clarify that you're concerned about active

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