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Re: Memory usage (avoid swapping, top accuracy...)

On 2005-12-30 10:48:32 -0600, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Presumably, you *need* apache2 & innd running on a /laptop/?

Yes, precisely because this is a laptop (i.e. it is sometimes offline).
Also, I currently have only the laptop here; so, I have the choice
between having the news locally or read/post after ssh'ing a remote
machine. I prefer the former solution.

BTW, I also have Apache on a PDA (Zaurus), to be able to have access
to my local website.

However they do not seem to take much memory: killing the daemons
does not free much memory.

> > Stopping spamd daemon .... 148 MB
> > Starting X (Xorg) ........ 231 MB (fvwm2 + ROX-Filer + Liferea + 3 xterm)
> This is a bit misleading, since it is my understanding that X will
> map video RAM, and thus it will seem like X is using more than it
> really is.

That would be 8 MB. This isn't very significant.

> > Exec emacs / quit ........ 241 MB
> > Firefox with 28 tabs ..... 251 MB
> > Exec emacs / quit ........ 247 MB
> Anything else you can kill?

I don't think so. Well, after the reboot, my machine is quite
responsive. Disabling spamd probably helped (and the reboot too).

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