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Re: Why does Debian default to Gnome?

* John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> [2005 Dec 30 09:02 -0600]:
> Nate Bargmann writes:
> > As I recall, the license on the Qt library was considered DFSG non-free
> > because any source changes were only allowed to be distributed as
> > patches--a restriction that violates the DFSG.
> The Qt license was DFSG-free and Qt was in Debian.  However, the license
> was incompatible with the GPL and KDE linked GPL code to Qt, so KDE was not
> in Debian.  This all changed when Troll put Qt under the GPL.

Then I stand corrected.

I do know there was much debate over whether the KDE code that was
licensed under the GPL could be linked to a GPL incompatible license. 
Fortunately, that's all behind us.  :-)

- Nate >>

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