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Re: How can I play avi, wmv, mov videos on a standalone DVD player?

Ron Johnson wrote:
On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 15:32 -0500, Robert Glueck wrote:

Ron Johnson wrote:

On Wed, 2005-12-28 at 22:01 -0500, Robert Glueck wrote:


You need to convert them to MPEG2, then create special
table-of- content files, and put them all in a defined
directory structure.

mplayer and transcode (which comes in the mplayer package,
I think)
can do the conversion.  Don't remember, though, what
package will do the rest.

kino (which is a non-linear video editor) *might* be able
to do it, as onw of it's side functions.

The manual for my dedicated DVD player does not state that
it supports the MPEG-2 format.
What is the native format of commercial movie DVD's that
play on all standalone DVD players?  Would I be set if I

Commercial DVD movies are encoded using a combination of MPEG-2 compressed video and audio of varying formats (often
    multi-channel formats as described below).

Have you tried dvdauthor. Do a google search on dvd authoring with linux and you will see that this is what you are trying to achieve.

There are several gui's for the command line program my favourite so far is qdvdauthor.



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