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??? module dependencies

Hello, I am working with rtai and have some problem with module dependencies. It is like this:

#insmod drvmng2.o
#insmod drv2.o
#insmod drv3.o
I got this  kind of dependencies in /proc/modules :
drv3                    4612   0 (unused)
drv2                   37920   0 [drv3]
drvmng2                32128   0 [drv3 drv2]
rtai_ksched           112760   0 [drv3 drv2 drvmng2]
rtai_hal                9108   1 [drv3 drv2 drvmng2 rtai_ksched]
but actually drv2 and drv3 should be parallel, and both of them should be dependent on drvmng2.

drv2 and drv3 have nearly the same source code only with different module names, which means they have global variables with same names. Is this the reason of the above dependency?(it seems like this when I look at /proc/ksys, but then if I want to have totally paralell modules with same-named global variabls, how can I do that? )
How can man define the module dependency (explicitly)?

PS. /proc/ksys:
d091a060 __insmod_drv3_S.text_L1728 [drv3]
d091a000 __insmod_drv3_O/home/adele/myprog/1227/drv3.o_M43B135AC_V132123 [drv3]
d0940300 SHM_list [drv2]
d09402a0 MBX_list [drv2]
d0940288 channel_index [drv2]
d093f000 __insmod_drv2_O/home/adele/myprog/1227/drv2.o_M43B135AA_V132123 [drv2]
d0940284 channel_num [drv2]
d0940420 virtual_channels [drv2]
d093f060 __insmod_drv2_S.text_L1696 [drv2]
d0933108 dm_mbx [drvmng2]
d090dcb0 sem_dm_mbx [drvmng2]
d0932000 __insmod_drvmng2_O/home/adele/myprog/12272/drvmng2.o_M43B14BD4_V132123 [drvmng2]
d0932060 __insmod_drvmng2_S.text_L2533 [drvmng2]
d09330e0 __insmod_drvmng2_S.data_L4 [drvmng2]

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