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Re: notification of updates

kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
In windows XP, when using acroread, it gives a notification if there is a new version of acroread available. While this popup is considered annoying by a lot, for some reason, I happen to like this feature.

well, it must be lonely ;)

my question is 'Is there any software in Debian which performs a similar functionality?'

cron-apt runs a regular cronjob that gets new packages and can even be configured to install them automatically (bad idea!). You could certainly configure it, I imagine, to email you when there is new versions to install. With a little hacking you could wrap each of your program startups in a script to grep the output of cron-apt for changes relevant to itself but...

For example, when I open a file with gvim, I would like to have a pop up saying that "there is a new version of gvim available in the repositories". It need not give options to install the software. But if it does that, it would be super! Any ideas/suggestions are most welcome. FYI, I am using unstable branch.

... I think this would be a nightmare. There are routinely so many updates in unstable that you'd spend more time clicking through anooying pop-ups about updates than anything else. However, something like described above would certainly work for a handful of apps that you use a lot and like to keep fully updated...

my .02



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