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Re: Can Grub bypass menu.lst when it contains an error?

Clive Menzies wrote:
On (28/12/05 07:27), Bill Moseley wrote:
I added a splashscreen to grub, but had a typo in the device: (hd1,0)
instead of (hd0,0).

This caused grub to continue to cycle upon boot (I guess trying to
read the non-existent drive) before the boot menu is shown.  I
couldn't see how to get grub to just ignore menu.lst on boot and give
me a grub prompt -- for example, by holding down a special key

Did I miss something obvious in the docs?

You could try holding 'c' which is what you do on Debian From Scratch to
get a grub prompt:




Or you can use a liveCD and fix your Grub's menu.lst.


Gabriel Parrondo
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