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Re: MTA slow to start

On Monday, 26 December 2005 at 15:08:19 +0200, David Baron wrote:
> >> > During boot up it takes about 30 seconds for MTA to start for my Etch
> >> > install. With Sarge on the same box this takes less than a second. Can
> >> > I fix this somehow?
> >
> >> Changing "mybox" to "mybox.localdomain" in /etc/hostame works
> >> for me. I can't take credit for this fix. I read it here.
> >"mybox" would be name I put there.
> >"localdomain" is syntax or something real such as mydnsdomain.net ?
> Yes, putting some domain there will get MTA quickly running but it interferes 
> with  anything else such as CUPS, proftp, arpwatch, you name it. They all 
> time out making bootup impossible.

Before I had a real domain name, I used to solve this by running bind
(or any dns I suppose) with a zone for a fake tld to avoid queries going
elsewhere -- something like mybox.home or puter.monrepos, the main thing
being to omit any .com or .uk or .il or whatever ending.  That way, the
only authority is your own dns on your local network.  Obviously
/etc/hostname and /etc/resolv.conf and so on need to be set up to agree.
That seemed to work for me. YMMV.


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