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[lets try again:] Firefox 1.5 download directory set static to Desktop


I am using Sid and it seems i found a bug in de latest firefox
package. I am not sure if this  is a firefox bug or a debian package
bug so i ask here if more people can confirm this. I am also using KDE
(this makes that i also have a "desktop directory" in my home
directory) and every time when i download something it is dropped in
the /home/user/Desktop directory while it was before always dropped in
the /home/user directory. I find it pretty annoying to mv these files
every time to my home directory from the Desktop directory but it
seems i can not set the download directory in de preferences menu to 
/home/user. I can set it to /home or even / (although the user can not
write there) but when i set it to /home/user there is always Desktop
selected. Even when the /home/user directory is already set in the
about:config page.


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