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Re: SATA HDD cabling question

Glenn English wrote:
On Sun, 2005-12-25 at 14:52 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

The HD has on it a regular 4 pin power plug male end, 4 jumper locations, and a 4cm. wide tongue with 1.5 cm. where the serial ATA cable fits and the rest which I don't know does what.

When I plug a 4 pin female power plug from the Power supply into it's corresponding receiving part on the HD, nothing happens.

What is that 3.5 cm. piece for on the side of the SATA cable on the HD?

Because I have nothing on there, is that the reason it won't turn over?

My SATA drives have come in 2 flavors: with and without the 4 pin Molex.
The ones sans Molex use the rest of the tongue beside the signal for
power, and there are adaptors for that.
But the ones with Molex work fine with power to the Molex. And I could
swear that tongue part is more like 2.5 than 3.5 cm...

I know for sure of 2 flavors, so there may well be more. I suggest a
thorough googling before applying power in unknown places.

Thanks Glenn, it's the power all right: I have another power supply and that has serial power and it fits.

Why it won't turn over is another question.


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