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SATA HDD cabling question


A question for those of you who have SATA HD's installed.

I ordered a WD Caviar 80GB HD and paid no attention, thinking it was ATA.

It arrived and it is a SATA HD. But being OEM it arrived w/o cable.

So I locally obtained a SATA 150 HDD cable.

One end of that fits perfectly into the mobo serial ATA connector.
The other end fits perfectly into one part of the cable connection on the HD.

The HD has on it a regular 4 pin power plug male end, 4 jumper locations, and a 4cm. wide tongue with 1.5 cm. where the serial ATA cable fits and the rest which I don't know does what.

When I plug a 4 pin female power plug from the Power supply into it's corresponding receiving part on the HD, nothing happens.

What is that 3.5 cm. piece for on the side of the SATA cable on the HD?

Because I have nothing on there, is that the reason it won't turn over?



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