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Re: Question

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Chinook wrote:

Denis wrote:

я продаю компьютеры. Хочу начать устанавливать клиентам Linux Debian, скажите пожалуйста какие дистрибутивы я могу ставить за деньги?????

I specialize in selling PCs. I would like to start installing Linux Debian to customers' PCs. Would you please let me know what packages i can charge customers for. Denis.

Have you looked at:

But that does not say, or I looked wrong, specifically whether he can charge for the Debian the OP puts on his PC's.

Can he?


He could ethically charge for his labour time for installation.
Then, if he's any sort of business man, he could look at increased earnings from the greater turnover generated by a more economically priced product, that has the added attraction of no ongoing licencing fees, obsoleted software, or expensive updates, etc.

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