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wildcard and variable expansion

hi guys,

i'm trying to solve the following problem and cannot find any working solution. it might seem to be very specialized on the first sight, but i think it's pretty general (and probably pretty easy)

i'm using pbs pro queueing system and there is a tool called pbsdsh that runs given command and parameters on every node of a cluster allocated for a job. i.e.,

pbsdsh ls -la /path/to/file

will print info about file on every node where it is run. however,

pbsdsh ls -la /path/to/file*

will not work because the wildcard is expanded on the 'master' host, i.e. the machine where this command was typed. this can be solved by

pbsdsh -- /bin/sh -c 'ls -la /path/to/file*'

i.e., executing a shell with some parameters. however in the following case, i'm lost:

export MASTER_HOST=`hostname`
export FILE_PATH=some_file_path
pbsdsh -- /bin/sh -c 'scp $FILE_PATH/file* $MASTER_HOST:'

because i want wildcard '*' to be expanded on the target machine and the variable to be expanded on the master host ($MASTER_HOST and FILE_PATH are not defined on the other nodes).

i would be very grateful for any hints how to accomplish this. it might be really easy, but i don't see any solution :(



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