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Re: kde 3.5 again

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 08:55:23 -0600
Mitja <ajtim@wi.rr.com> wrote:

> Yes, I am n Etch.
> BTW, what is interesting. I am a Linux user very long time but i am rookie 

a followup - because of a configuration issue with evince - which
depends on libdjvulibre15 being there - which is also provided by
kdelibs-data 3.5.0 - nothing seems to be installable. So I am at the
moment without either desktop - one needs to be removed, then I try to
install the other one - no go there. I'm in a catch 22 situation that I
can't resolve.  Even purging all traces of kde 3.5.that I have -
nothing can be done. I will try again to get kde 3.4 from testing but
don't hold much hope for that happening.

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