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Re: kde 3.5 again

On Sun, 25 Dec 2005 08:55:23 -0600
Mitja <ajtim@wi.rr.com> wrote:

> Yes, I am n Etch.
> BTW, what is interesting. I am a Linux user very long time but i am rookie 
> still :). I start with Linux long time ago and than I did SuSE from 6.4 if I 
> remember correct but I like Debian :) and I am here again...

well. I just had a rather unpleasant experience trying to shoehorn the
kde 3.5 packages from alioth into etch. It's not working at all - it's
trying to remove all my kde packages. I also saw that duplicate (same
file shared by 2 packages) thing with libdjvulibre - so I removed that
and tried to install kdelibs-data - while that work, could not install
any more kde stuff.

It did manage to install only a few kde 3.5 things - by no means the
whole thing - which I thought odd, after I did an aptitude update &&
aptitude upgrade after first adding the alioth site
to /etc/apt/sources.list. And the things that it did install are very
strange choices - things like kdeartwork-emoticons, kdeartwork-misc,
kdeedu-data -- and not the binary packages that these things use. 

Now I'm really in a quagmire. Nearly all of gnome and KDE are *gone*!
I am managing to get gnome-desktop installed, but getting KDE back is
going to be a headache.

I'm considering to next try your suggestion of removing anything that's
part of kde 3.5, then reinstalling kde3.5, but there's a libdgvulibre15
that's instaled now - version 3.5.16-1 - dpkg codes on the left are
'ic' - those are config files installed, right? dpkg -l and a few grep
pipes tell me what of kde 3.5 is installed easily enough. So, I'll give
your suggestion a try.

Now doing that (aptitude remove "the 5 packages from kde 3.5" aptitude
tries to remove 137 packages. From the error display it would seem most
of gnome wants to be removed because I want to remove these files.
Obviously aptitude thinks that way down deep, there's a mutual
dependency but I cannot seem to find it.

help.... :(

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