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Re: Booting Proliant 800 - SOLVED

On 24-dec-2005, at 17:43, Peter Teunissen wrote:

On 23-dec-2005, at 22:58, Raquel Rice wrote:

On Fri, 23 Dec 2005 22:22:49 +0100
Peter Teunissen <oneman@onemanifest.net> wrote:

Hi All,

I've just bought a cheap Proliant 800 PII 450 and would like to
install Debian on it. But it will not boot anything. It only tries
to   boot from a damaged Windoze NT install on it's disks but
fails after   the initial bootloader sequence.
I've tried booting without any result:
- sarge installer CD
- Sarge bootfloppy
- HP Smartstart 5.50

It simply ignores the floppy or CD and start booting from disk.

Even the setup utility (F10) results in a message: 'System
partition   utilities not available on this system'

I've googled but couldn't find info on how to setup this system to

boot a Linux installer.

Does anyone have information on onstalling Debian on this system
or   pointers to good info?

Have you changed the bios so it will boot from the floppy or the CD?

That's what I'd like to do. But as far as I could learn from the HP site is that this can either be done from the smartstart CD (doesn't boot) of by pushing F9 (don't get this option during boot) or F10 (get error message above) Does anyone know of another manner to access the bios?

In the end the solution was quite simple. Since the bios had been setup to boot from disk as primary choice and couldn't be accessed in any way, I simply removed the scsi disks and voila, it booted the HP Smartstart CD. I could then do a system erase and setup the system for manual Linux install. It's installed now and performs much faster then I expected!

Thanks to all who responded!


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