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Re: [OT] Gmail POP fails

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 12:56, Gregory Seidman wrote:
> My fetchmail line (which clearly works since I receive debian-user mail
> through it):
> poll pop.gmail.com with proto POP3 port 995 and options no dns
>     localdomains gmail.com anthropohedron.net
>        user '<my username>' there with password '<my password>' is
> 'gsslist' here options fetchall ssl batchlimit 10
> Note that I use batchlimit so that if, for some reason, there is a large
> backlog of messages it won't make exim4 unhappy. I could change the limit
> in exim4 instead, but this is easier and works well.

Thanks for your input, I'll try this as soon as I've finished reading all of 
fetchmail's doc's and figure out why it insists on trying to connect to the 
server every 10 minutes.

All the best.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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