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Re: [OT] Gmail POP fails

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 07:35, Michael Marsh wrote:
> Thunderbird 1.0.7
> Server name: pop.gmail.com
> port: 995
> options checked:
>   - use SSL
>   - check for messages at startup
>   - check for new messages every 10 minutes
>   - automatically download new messages
> All other options are unchecked.

Check - made no difference.

> That account gets very low traffic rates.  This account I read through
> the web interface.  Just so you know.


> As another data point, I just talked to a friend who's also having
> issues with Gmail's POP access.  With three unread messages, the
> server was reporting only one.  In his case, it seems to be related to
> a message with an attachment.

I use my Gmail account for Debian lists. Would vCards and PGP signatures count 
as attachments?

>  If you can clear out anything "odd" by
> using the web interface, that might help things.

I don't know whether removing my debian-curiosa mail would help, do you? ;-)

All the best.

Robert "roach" Spencer
South Africa

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