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Re: X 7.0 .debs????

Roberto Sanchez wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
>> So, X.org 7.0 is out?  When will it be in Etch?  Tomorrow, right?
> Ron,
> I know that you know better than that :-)
> You've been around long enough to know that it takes a while for things
> to happen in Debian.  Now, I do know that David Nusinow (I believe that
> is how you spell his name) has been prepping for the release of the
> modularized X.org.  However, there are about a bazillion (that is a
> technical) packages that are stalled at the moment because of one or
> another transition that is ongoing.
> Regardless, it will happen eventually.
> -Roberto

I think Ron wanted to be funny about that ;)

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