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Re: A Question

> When you boot up with the promise card in, does it show on your 
> screen 
> (the next page after it shows all your drives)?

This is one of the weirder parts of the problem.  The Promise BIOS comes
up after the POST, but it says no drives are detected.  However, when
Debian booted, the drive was then found as hde (as it should be) and
this would be follwed by a whole bunch of CRC check failures.  The fact
that Debian found the drive and assigned it to a device, and usually
even mounted it, tells me that the card must be working.  It doesn't
explain why the card's BIOS says there is no drive attached, though. 
I'm going to hook the machine back up tonight, and I'll be able to post
the actual errors tomorrow.  These CRC check errors continued to spew
out into /var/messages several times per minute while the box was
running, even with the drive mounted and working fine.
> What about the BIOS? On the page where it gives your boot options, 
> do 
> you have 'SCSI" listed?

SCSI isn't an option in the BIOS for this box.  It's an old Dell
Optiplex GX1, completey IDE-based, and the only options for a boot
device are PXE (Network), CD, HDD, and floppy.

> I don't mean to offend you with these 
> stupid 
> questions if you already know this stuff! <g>

No offense taken!  If you don't start with the basics, you'll never find
the cause of a problem.  This is all stuff I should have mentioned
before, anyway.

Also, I got your e-mail with the links, and they were helpful.  It looks
like most people are using this card with sarge just fine, which makes
me wonder about mine.  I would like to know the name of that driver if
you have it, though.

Thanks for all the help.

    - Dave

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