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Re: Question on backups using rsync

Joey Hess wrote:
Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

I have, in the past, with rdiff-backup to my fileserver (located in the same room), but that is not a great solution as the fileserver is subject to the same failure modes as my main machine (fire etc), but worked fine for recovering from my own fubars. Its pretty straightforward, once you figure out how to do public key authentication over ssh for unattended backups. then its just a cron job. I wan't to get these files out of my house/office though, hence my desire for remote storage. I've got a personal account at earthlink and it comes with 10(?)MB of storage that sits there unused. so far as I know its ftp only access, though, hence my question earlier in the thread -- is there a way to automate ftp? Ideally, I'd do a nightly backup to my fileserver and then duplicate that nightly up to the webpage storage. also, anyone looked into gmailfs for stuff like this? its not a lot of stuff, just the really critical things like my gnucash files and payroll records etc...

duplicity supports uploading its backups via ftp.

It will also encrypt the backup, which you will want to do if you are
uploading payroll files to a third party..

Also, backupninja is an excellent frontend and framework around
rdiff-backup, duplicity, and other similar backup methods. Especially
for rdiff-backup it has a wizard that can get a backup set up in
minutes. And it unifies the backups with one interface and cron job
and automates everything nicely. Highly recommended.

good info from both of you. thanks


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