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Re: SATA disk driver for an HP ML110G3 server?

David Landgren wrote:
Hello List,

I'm currently evaluating an HP Proliant ML110G3 server. It's small, silent, clean inside and cheap. Really, a nice box. I stuck a testing boot CD into the drive (dated mid-November) and fired it up.

Unfortunately, it wasn't able to auto-detect what disk driver to use. I see a number of sata-* drivers are available, but I don't know how to determine the chipset. HP's website talks of drivers for Red Hat and Suse here:


I got this sorted out all by myself, so here are the details in case anyone else comes across this in a search.

I tried a Ubuntu 5.10 install CD and it detected the disk immediately. This let me see that at some level Debian was quite capable of running on the machine.

After futzing around for a while manually loading different modules, at one point I hit escape and wound up in the basic installer menu. I chose the option "detect hard disks" and there I had a screen with a checkbox asking me whether I wanted to load the floppy driver. It was checked, and I continued. Another screen followed, asking about PCMCIA options, that I left blank. The installer then trundled away briefly and then responded with the news that it had found sda0, and would I like to use the entire disk for Debian.

So I said yes, and they all lived happily ever after. I don't pretend to understand why this circuitous route works, and the straight out install doesn't, but I leave that mystery for someone else to sort out.

The end.

"It's overkill of course, but you can never have too much overkill."

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